Roxanne Makes Interiors Exceptional.

Looking at different styles and aesthetics can be overwhelming. Roxanne makes the process not only seamless but enjoyable and fun. With just one consultation you will understand why people choose Roxanne for their home projects.

Leading In Interior Design.

With over twenty years of experience and personal touch you can’t get anywhere else, there’s a reason why Roxanne is one of the most trusted designers in the industry.

“Without Roxanne’s help, my house might have ended up looking like a modern art deco storage unit. I thought I wanted all these things but then (thank god) I hired a professional. It was like she knew what I wanted more than I did.”


Shelly Wilson


“I was working full time and dealing with the stress that comes with owning a new home. Working with Roxanne lifted a huge weight in the process. No one can believe I have such a beautiful home. Her great taste mixed with her quirky fun attitude made the most significant difference in my life.”


Henry Gray


“Working with Roxanne changed how I think about designing a home. I went from looking through magazines and being overwhelmed with options and styles putting the pieces together that fit seamlessly. She actually made it an amazing experience I will always remember, and talk about when my guest give my home compliments”


Sarah Feilds